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I want to support every network marketing distributor who is determined to learn the skill sets and mindset required to build large duplicating teams and a real business. So let’s keep your questions, real and sensible, okay? Please use common sense and show courtesy with your questions. That way everyone wins! Here are some guidelines to ensure your question is qualified to possibly be answered on a future training program or on this website.
  • Please keep your question under one minute in length. If it goes a little over, that’s fine, but please keep it concise and to the point.
  • If you have a website and URL, you’re allowed to share it only once during the recording. For example: “Hi, my name is Jane Doe. I work with Amway my website OnMYWaytoDiamond.com My question is…”
  • Spammy, disrespectful, or deeply private questions will not be considered for the podcast.
I use SpeakPipe.com, a fantastic web service that allows anyone to leave me a voicemail message through the Internet. It simple to use. All you need is an Internet connection and a microphone (most laptops have built in microphones)

Please note that by submitting a voicemail question, you’re allowing me to share it publicly on this website or where I feel it can help others. If this is not acceptable to you, then please DO NOT participate.
Like you and everyone my time is very limited and at this point I want to use it to have a positive impact on as many serious entrepreneurs as I can.
Also note that at the time of this post, my goal is to answer everyone’s question within 48 hours. However, sometimes my travel schedule, and business obligations may delay that.
Also, if your request is time-sensitive, then email our support team directly, support@MLMHelp.com or call our office at 502 – 868 – 6199.
Thanks for understanding.
Dedicated to Your Success,