How To Effectively Recruit MLM Distributors

It’s predictable, you’ve blown through your warm market developing your MLM organization, NOW WHAT?
Buy Leads?
Are you kidding? P L E A S E, NO, don’t make this BIG, yet common mistake!
The best way in the world to run yourself out of the business and burn yourself out is to spend night after night pounding the phones trying to find someone who actually remembers filling out a business opportunity web form?
If you are attempting to build your business buying leads, you know exactly what I am talking about.
Let me give you some valuable advice, THE BEST LEAD YOU CAN HAVE, IS THE ONE THAT CONTACTS YOU!
But maybe you have tried to run newspaper ads to recruit with little or no results in the past? Let me ask you a question, what MLM expert taught you exactly how to run effective newspaper advertising campaigns?
Nobody you say!
You just tried to Wing it on your own and it didn’t work?
Is that really surprising?
STOP wasting your time and money with ineffective newspaper sponsoring campaigns. Let Dale Calvert show you how he has personally sponsored over 100 distributors into his organizations & added literally thousands to his downline with correct newspaper recruiting campaigns!
You see the great part about owning this course, is after you MASTER RECRUITING WITH NEWSPAPERS, you will be able to instantly duplicate that success within your downline organization!
Don’t take my word for it; we have over 100 testimonies on file from distributors just like you who have used this course to create a constant flow of new members into their organization.
Here is a couple from our file:

“Dale, thank you for helping me get focused, I decided to take your advice and MASTER one recruiting system at a time and I started with newspaper advertising.

1st Month = 1 sponsored

2nd Month = 3 sponsored

3rd Month = 3 sponsored

4th Month = 5 sponsored

Because of your course and the RESOURCES CDs, I know I can add new members to my team every month, and am now ready to MASTER another recruiting system. Your course is awesome; I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

“Mr. Calvert, JD here, as you know my past attempts to recruit with newspaper ads were a disaster. Your course totally turned that around. Your concept about an AD Box alone has given me more time, more focus, and much less interruptions during my family time. I recommend all your training to my team and your material has turned my business around. I can’t express my thankfulness in words! ”

“Hi Dale, You probably saw that I ordered your Local MLM Leads Program and Your Funded Proposals course over the weekend.

If they do ½ as much for my business as your Newspaper Advertising Course, I will be breaking the $10,000.00 a month income barrier in no time. Your training is the BEST I HAVE EVER HEARD! WHAT YOU TEACH WORKS!


How much is this proven business building information going to cost you?
The real question is what is it worth?
What is it worth to be able to MASTER recruiting new team member month after month with local newspapers, college newspapers, Penny Saver Papers, and other niche publications?
And more importantly……….. being able to duplicate that success throughout your organization?
Mr. Calvert is booked solid with coaching and consulting clients that pay him $500.00 per hour to share his expertise and training concepts.
You can now have access to this inside information for much less than the cost of a 1 hour coaching session!
That’s right, we have made this investment so low that any serious marketer cannot justify not accessing it today.
Here is why. Calvert Marketing Group wants to make you a lifetime customer. We know that once you put this course into action you will want to get your hands on Dale’s other training programs.
So for that reason you can gain access to this introductory course for an investment much less than you would expect! We have sold thousands of these courses on CD & DVD for $97.00, and our customers will tell you it is one of the best investments they have ever made. But now we have made this even better. In fact we have now placed the entire course online, so you can access this inside information within the next couple of minutes!
You will get instant access to:
  • 20+ Page Booklet with classified ad examples and do’s and don’ts that Mr. Calvert has discovered over the past 25+ years recruiting distributors using newspaper advertising.
  • Online Training Audio of Dale personally walking you through the rules of operating a successful recruiting campaign via newspapers.
  • How to run online Classifieds on video training, were Mr. Calvert walks you through each step of the process.
  • Dale’s proven system for Local Newspaper Ad recruiting.
  • The best kept free online classified website that is virtually untapped and sending in the know marketers quality daily leads.
  • Plus much much more.
This is a great training program that you can take your business to the next level very quickly. It is packed full of inside information and concepts that would take you years of trial and error to learn on your own.
Dale has invested tens of thousands of dollars on newspaper advertising over the years. He has made the mistakes in the past and now you don’t have to waste your MLM profits on newspaper campaigns that don’t make you money!
Order right now and you can access this entire $97.00 course online for a ONE TIME INVESTMENT of only $27.00. Don’t procrastinate; if you need more leads for your business, this course is the answer you have been looking for.


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